Hansheng Lei, Ph.D.
Computer Science Department
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
1 West University Blvd, TX 78520
Phone: (956) 882-6585, Fax: (956) 882-6604
Email: hansheng.lei 'at' utrgv dot edu
Homepage: faculty.utrgv.edu/hansheng.lei

Hansheng Lei received his B.S. from Ocean University of China in 1998 and M.S. from University of Science and Technology of China in 2001, both in computer science. He finished his Ph.D. study in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York in December 2005. He joined the Computer and Information Sciences Department at the University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) as an assistant professor in Jan 2006. He is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure Fall 2012 and to Professor Fall 2018. His current research interests lie in distributed machine learning, computer vision and data mining in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment. He has published over thirty articles in peer-reviewed conferences/journals. He has completed several projects funded by NSF and US Department of Education with a total amount of $3.5M. He has served as a proposal reviewer for a variety of funding agencies, including NSF, Department of Education and Department of Commerce.  

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  • Biometrics

[1] Hansheng Lei, S. Palla, V. Govindaraju. ER-squared: an Intuitive Similarity Measure for On-line Signature Verification. The 9th International Workshop on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (IWFHR'04), Tokyo, Japan, Oct., 2004 [Presentation]

[2] Hansheng Lei, S. Palla, V. Govindaraju. Mouse-based signature verification for secure Internet transactions. The 17th SPIE conference, Applications of Neural Networks and Machine Learning in Image Processing IX (to appear), California, USA, Jan., 2005

[3] Hansheng Lei, V. Govindaraju. A Study on the Consistency of Features for On-line Signature Verification. Joint IAPR International Workshops on Syntactical and Structural Pattern Recognition and Statistical Pattern Recognition (In conjunction with ICPR'04, International Conference on Pattern Recognition), Portugal, Lisbon, 2004. Pattern Recognition Letters (accepted with minor revisions)

  •  Data Mining

[1] Hansheng Lei, V. Govindaraju. GRM: Generalized Regression Model for Clustering Linear Sequences. The 4th SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SIAM DM'04) , pp. 23-32, Florida, USA, April, 2004

[2] Hansheng Lei, V. Govindaraju. Matching and Retrieving Linear Patterns Under Regression. The 2004 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (Oral, Acceptance rate: 16%), pp. 84-90, Beijing, China, Sept., 2004. Extended version accepted by International Journal of Web Intelligence and Agent Systems (WIAS)

  • SVM Classification

[1] Hansheng Lei. Govindaraju. Half-Against-Half Multi-class Support Vector Machines. Sixth International Workshop on Multiple Classifier Systems (MCS'05), accepted, to appear, Jan., 2005

[2] Hansheng Lei, V. Govindaraju. Speeding Up Multi-class SVM by PCA and Feature Selection. Feature Selection in Data Mining, Workshop in conjunction with the 5th SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SIAM DM'05), California, USA, 2005

[3]Hansheng Lei, V. Govindaraju. Similarity-driven Sequence Classification Based on Support Vector Machines and Its Application in Adaptive On-line Handwriting Recognition. The 8th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR'05), submitted Feb, 2005 (accepted, to appear)

  • Image Processing

[1] Hansheng Lei, V. Govindaraju. Direct Image Matching by Dynamic Warping. The 1st IEEE Workshop on Face Processing in Video (In conjunction with CVPR'04, IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition), Washington D.C., 2004

[2] Hansheng Lei, X. Zhu. Facial Image Compression Based On Wavelet and Vector Quantization. Journal of Graphics And Images (in Chinese), November 2000


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